10 Tips For Freelancers To Work And Start Earning On Spottask.com


SPOTTASK is a creative platform which offers genuine opportunities to freelancers, service providers & creatives to start providing services online and en-cashing the digital world transactions.

Some spottaskers are doing extremely well and for rest we are here to help you get started. All you have to do is to make people aware about your listed services/tasks, Greater the reach greater the chances the companies and business houses hiring you for a job to be done.

If you haven’t created any Services or Task which you can do, Start creating one as this is the first step to let companies know that what you can do and at what price – Click here to Get Started.

Those who have active list of Tasks in the dashboard, can follow the simple tips for boosting sales & start earning on Spottask.com

  1. Share on social networking sites: Probably the easiest way to make people aware about your services is to keep sharing on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, instagram etc. let people know that your task exist and you can work for their requirements(either short term or long term). To start sharing your created tasks follow this link and just hit on social media sharing icons, Click here to access your account and listed tasks, share them one by one for increased visibility.
  2. Email Marketing: Send a email to your existing clients/customers/friends/colleagues so that they know about your created tasks, if interested they can buy your task instantly. Send your profile url to email contacts, so that they can see and buy your listed Services/Tasks. (Profile url lists all the task created by a user and available for sale, it can be accessed using this link http://spottask.com/user-profile/add-your-username-here )
  3. Feature your Task/Service: Featuring your tasks on the home page or category pages will improve the visibility and thereby enhance the changes of deriving sales. A featured task appear at the top on home pages or category pages and hence visitors are more likely to view and buy them. One can opt for featuring a task from the account area. At present Spottask is deriving over 5 Lacs visitors per month and featuring a task will let the business houses to find you easily. Click here to feature your tasks.
  4. Mention strengths in listed Tasks: Work on your strengths and List down all the benefits a company will get after hiring you, mention each and everything in the created tasks which will enable companies to hire you rather than hiring a competitor offering similar services.
  5. Build Visitors trust: On an average the task with positive reviews sells more than a task with negative or no review. Ask your friends or existing clients to try out your services online and leave a positive review if they like your services. Its a vicious circle, it will derive more and more sales once the visitors start trusting your abilities and the work you do.
  6. Offer discounts: Pricing is very critical aspect of any business house. If you need to improve on sales, one need to attract buyers by offering them services at a discounted rates. Write down any add on benefit buyer will be getting to hire you instead of hiring a competitor.
  7. Focus on SEO: Digital sales is dependent on SEO to a large extent. Submit your tasks links to google and other search engines, and if you arnt aware about SEO then hire an expert who can do the work of spreading your tasks links to major search engines from where you will get traffic and that will inturn increase the chances of deriving sales.
  8. Advertising/ Marketing: One may look for paid advertising and marketing, which will boost sales. Over the years, advertising and marketing is the major source of deriving sales and to boost your sales you may try out this.
  9. Offer a Free incentive: People lock a deal much quicker when they get free stuffs, try giving out offers such as Buy 2 get 1 free and see if it attracts more buyers.
  10. Do Market Research for Anticipated Future Sales: One can easily access various articles written by experts on boosting online sales via google and prepare their own strategy for adding on to sales. So get set go as they say ‘Sky Is The Limit’.